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Problems with Mobil 1 was Re: Mobil 1, cobram, please read

Mike (and other V8 owners).

We started using Mobil 1 10W-30 oil in our V8 a couple of oil changes ago.
Then a funny thing happened.  The rear oil seal on the engine started
weeping and I think the engine might have been passing oil as well.

The car had for the past few years that we owned it and I'm guessing its
entire life been run with regular dinosaur oil.

Switching back to Castrol GTX solved our "smoking" problem as well as any
oil consumption problems.

Ironically, when I bought the first batch of Mobil 1, the K-mart guy said,
"What are you putting it in?  How many miles?  Never used synth. before?  I
wouldn't do that; It'll leak on you."  I guess he was right.

I also switched to Mobil 1 10W-30 in our '87 5ktqw w/ 150k miles.  Scared
the poop out of me when the oil light came on at Bremerton during the first
session.  I had topped off with M1 before making the drive from Portland.
A switch back to dinosaur oil solved that oil consumption problem, too.

By contrast, our urq with 140k miles uses Mobil 1 without incident.  Though
I suspect it has been run on the good stuff its entire existence.

Who knows.  Maybe if I ran 20w-50 Mobil 1 I wouldn't have a problem.  I'm
not risking it in the V8 or the 5ktqw, though.

Interested to hear about other weird Mobil 1 stories...

At 12:33 PM 9/30/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> Over here, using Mobil 1 in ur-quattros has become something of a fashion
>> or article of faith - a dogma.
>> I visited the Mobil web site today and found that, implicitly, Mobil
>> don't seem to recommend it.  The URL is (literally) too long to post,
>> but just follow the Mobil1 chain from the home page.
>> There's a product data sheet.  It talks about Mobil1 0W-30, 5W-30 and
>> 10W-30 as a group, and discusses 15W-50 separately.
>> I quote:
>>         "Mobil 1 Formula 15W-50 is especially suitable for
>>          high-performance cars, particularly hot-running or
>>          heavily-loaded vehicles and special high-tech imports."
>> Sounds like us.
>> But in the UK channel (certainly around these parts) it seems that
>> 15W-50 is unobtainable.  "Mobil 1" means 0W-30.  My local BP garage
>> (sole local source) has never _heard_ of 15W-50 and refused to believe
>> it exists.
>Interesting,  I have it in both the V8 and the Avant..... 
>Say, you can't get it in the UK ?  sounds like a business opportunity
>for our friend Mr. Cobram :-)  are you listening :-)
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>Mike L.
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>89 100 Avant
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR