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Re: Moving up to the next level . . .

>Anyway, having sold some slum property I own, I now have a little cash to
>spread around on my hobbies, one of which is my 86 5 KS. It's a 5 speed
>with 2.3 NA engine, not Quattro, but by now (about two years) I have almost
>everything working correctly (taking shelter from the Audi gods!) and I
>really, really like the car - and yes, I would buy another one - as a
>matter of fact, that's ALL I would buy - substitutes are not acceptable.

> <long list of planning upgrades including turbo conversion snipped>

    Well, why not just buy nice clean 5kcsT 5-spd?  
   Then you don't have to do the turbo conversion and they're dirt 
 cheap...if you can find one:-). I bought mine for $1600 in fair 
 condition, spent another $1000  in 9 months (fixed everything myself)
 and now it's "very good". Now I need another ~$1000 to make it

 Good luck anyway.


 '86 5kcsT 5-spd  146K miles 1.8 bar (QLCC)