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Re: Problems with Mobil 1 was Re: Mobil 1, cobram, please read

For what its worth- I bought my V8 in 1993 with 22K miles on it. I have used
synthetic oil in it since, mostly Mobil 1 15w-50 but occasionally Castrol
Syntex 5w-50. I have not ever had (knock wood) any rear main or valve cover
gasket leaks in  90Kmiles. The V8 will use some oil in extended highspeed
driving, but never more than a quart between changes. The A8 bought in Aug.
had about 8K miles on it, and I converted to synthetic at 11K miles. I have to
supply the oil with no rebate from the dealer, but I think its worth it. There
is one thing that nags at me wrt Mobil 1 . I have had to replace both the
breather hoses (crank case) on the V8. They were practically disintegrated! I
have not noticed this as a common complaint on either this or the V8 list so I
wonder if there is a down side to using synthetic.
Frank Santoro
1990 V8(for sale)
1998 A8 (need a radar/laser detector)