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Re: Bulletproof Cars? Not...

It was last April, on a 'performance' TSD, run on virtually-closed forest
roads in a state forest, with the blessing of the local constabulatory.
There were some slow sections through were there were some houses.  This
part of southern Ohio is pretty Appalachian: cock farm in the front lawn,
hubcap store in the front yard, etc....; hillbilly wouldn't be that far
off.  Well, Jamie took a wrong turn and ended up going down this guys
driveway.  He realized he was off course and went to turn around and a guy
jumped out throwing beer bottles at the car, he stepped on it and another
guy went to close the driveway gate and after they made it through, the guy
started shooting....

It was weird finishing the rally and when there were only about 5 teams
around, trying to figure out what happened.  Personal 'funny' part was that
it was a week before my wedding.  Ad no, I didn't tell my wife until AFTER
the wedding.  Rally-L archives would have the full story.

At 09:23 PM 9/30/1998 ,  Joe Rae was inspired to say:
>  Wow I am wondering how one gets shot at durning a TSD?
>  Joe

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