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RE: Problems with Mobil 1 was Re: Mobil 1, cobram, please read


I had an '87 5kcstq which was replaced by my current '91 200q Avant.
Had to replace breather hoses on both and I'm quite sure neither had
much if any synthetic oil used in them prior to my ownership (based on
the general consensus of what service history records I was able to
acquire for both cars).  Also, both have failed to exhibit any
measurable oil usage.  

Still haven't experienced any synthetic oil "downside".


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> For what its worth- I bought my V8 in 1993 with 22K miles on it. I
> have used
> synthetic oil in it since, mostly Mobil 1 15w-50 but occasionally
> Castrol
> Syntex 5w-50. I have not ever had (knock wood) any rear main or valve
> cover
> gasket leaks in  90Kmiles. The V8 will use some oil in extended
> highspeed
> driving, but never more than a quart between changes. The A8 bought in
> Aug.
> had about 8K miles on it, and I converted to synthetic at 11K miles. I
> have to
> supply the oil with no rebate from the dealer, but I think its worth
> it. There
> is one thing that nags at me wrt Mobil 1 . I have had to replace both
> the
> breather hoses (crank case) on the V8. They were practically
> disintegrated! I
> have not noticed this as a common complaint on either this or the V8
> list so I
> wonder if there is a down side to using synthetic.
> Frank Santoro
> 1990 V8(for sale)
> 1998 A8 (need a radar/laser detector)