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Climate Control Problems / Brake Light

I am new to the list. I just recently got a '90 V8. I just noticed that the
solenoid control for the vents is making funny noises. The solenoids seem to be
sending me morse code messages? I pulled it apart quickly but didn't have the
tools with me to diagnose it properly. Even when the control is set to off  the
solenoids still click. I dont know if the system is normally closed or open?
When i use the defroster it seems to come out the bottom with a trickle up top?
All in all the vents system seems to be confused. Any trouble shooting tips to
diagnose the culprit? I guess i need to cross reference the vacuum lines and
wiring diagram and see what does what, or what doesnt do what its supposed to.

I laso have a question on the brake warning light. When i got the car the light
was going off at random intervals, I think mostly over bumps etc. The hydraulic
fluid container was leaking by the hose clamps underneath. I fixed this and
added more fluid. The level is topped off but i still seem to have the light
come on periodically, seems like when i corner to the left or go over speed
bumps. I was wondering what other sensors trigger this light. The brake fluid
resevoir is full, although i noticed something floating in the front, looks
like the sensor float? The accumulator has been mentioned before? How does one
tell if this is bad. The brakes work fine as far as i can tell.

Andrew Schnellinger
1990 V8 Quattro