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Re: Audi loses a sale to BMW

Michael Williams wrote:

>  saw my first one the other day, i thought, hey, thats a nice A4....oh
> wait, its the new 3er
> how could i EVER make that mistake...
> BMW seems to be going the honda route and copied the a4....hmmm

Even before I bought my '93 90S, I held the belief that the Dorf Tortise
(Taurus) was just a cheap knock-off of the 5k series (the Eagle Premier was even
more blatant). After I bought my 90S, I started noticing how the newer Acura
(and Lexus and Infinity) 4dr sedans look amazingly similar to my car, including
the hood that dips down and includes the grill. I guess it's true, imitation is
the sincerest form of flattery.

Oh, the old Tortise was a knock-off the the 5k, the new one is just
exceptionally UGLY! (especially the Avant version)

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