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Re: 200t shocks/struts: clicking on turning, wandering steering

> That's the strut mount.  The bearing is separate and you
> have to take the strut apart to get to it... in theory. 
> Anyone found any tricks here?

Would the bearing really click bad enough to be felt
right in the shock piston when the strut turns? It
feels like something is dragging and then snapping back.

Okay, just got off the phone from the VW/Audi parts
agents. Asked for bearings, but the guy came back with
the price for the mounting. Luckily I already bought
mounts from him before so I knew he had the wrong part.
He told me R176.19 (about $30) per bearing. Is this
about right? The part numbers are:

   old part:   431 412 249 D
   new part:   441 412 249 A

Are those the bearings? Or have I just been quoted
a price for a bearing plate or something else?

I also asked what shocks they sell for the turbo
car, so he checked and told me they don't know who
makes it or whether it is a gas shock but the cost
is R635.98 per shock (that's $105 per shock!).
They have to be machine out of gold-plated
titanium and they must be using some top-secret,
hyper-expensive military chemical gas of some
sort for that price.

Now, to call the Gabriel guys...this isn't going
to go nicely. Eek.



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