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Re: coupe gt suspension

It looks like my brother in law will be getting the
87 CGT I bought a few weeks back.  He got the quattro
bug after being at Mt Washington this year, but
he says the CGT "will do for now" :)

We're looking at a limited budget, so I'm thinking:

- - Boge TG, stock springs
- - Boge TG, Eibach or H&R
- - Bilstein, stock springs
- - Bilstein, Eibach or H&R

Which I assume are in order of cost.
Can anyone who has run the various setups on CGTs
comment?  I think the TG with some stiffer springs will
be plenty, and I can get the TGs prettty cheaply.

On my 1986 CGT I had installed Abt valved Bilsteins with
H&R springs. I think this was a great setup for the street,
firm, crisp, excellent handling, but the car still had a bit
of body roll. This setup was no where near as stiff as
the Bilstein/Eibachs/urethane bushings I have on my 
1983 ur-quattro. For an all round daily driver, the Bilsteins
and H&Rs are great on the coupe GT.
Dave Lawson
93 GMC Safari AWD, bilsteins getting installed in a week
90 200 TQ Avant, getting bilsteins this fall
83 ur-q, bilstein/eibach