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Re: Mobil 1

Phil Payne wrote:
> Over here, using Mobil 1 in ur-quattros has become something of a fashion
> or article of faith - a dogma.
> But in the UK channel (certainly around these parts) it seems that
> 15W-50 is unobtainable.  "Mobil 1" means 0W-30.  My local BP garage
> (sole local source) has never _heard_ of 15W-50 and refused to believe
> it exists.

Coincidentally, I had just returned from the local auto parts superstore
with several cases of 15W-50 Mobil 1 for my 98.5 A4QM Avant when I read
your post, Phil.  The 15W-50 thing -- at least as it applies to newer
high-performance cars -- is mondo bizarro to say the least.  My mechanic
is primarily a Porsche guy and he puts 15W-50 Mobil 1 in all the
Porsches in his shop year round.  He recommends the 0W-30 only if one of
his customers is traveling to upstate New York or similar clime with
severely cold winter temps.  Might Mobil have had some sort of a
liability problem/issue with the 15W-50 in the UK and hence pulled the

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA

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