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Re: Bimmer boy crashes the guestbook at Audi-S-Cars

> of a BMW M5. Simply adding some turbochargers and an
>  S canīt make it. Sorry to say, but no Audi could even be close in terms
> of performance than the new 1998 BMW M5 with
>  400 HP."

Wether you are a bmw fan or not, you have to respect that 400hp
number when discussing engines. That is the same output as
the porsche 911 twin turbo. And the latest scoop on the S4 is
265hp from its bi-turbo V6 configuration. Say Audi bumps it to
300hp, the M5 will have a 33% peak power advantage and that
is considerable.

Now using that power and getting it to the ground is another story.
>From my perspective on which is the better car, all I need to do is
as one question, "Starting in Denver on a wet, cold snowy day, 
which one will show up at <insert favorite ski area> first?