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Re: brake pressure sensor + other 5000S questions (fwd)

In message <Pine.OSF.3.95.981001114927.1967A-100000@segosf.hlo.dec.com> "G. Benedikt Rochow" writes:

> I didn't think I had ABS. Hmmm...

>> somewhere without too many trees, and lay a plastic sheet under your
> > ass.

My mistake.  If you _had_ ABS, though, you'd be amazed by how fast the
brakes let go when the system runs out of pressure.   The failure _might_
be the switch - avid readers will know that Audi shipped me a defective
switch out of stock a couple of months ago.  I'd still like to see
real pressures before _I_ would drive the car.  Attachinmg the pressure
gauge takes only seconds, but few dealers seem to have them.

> This is interesting, as the PO was trying rather hard to not have
> me check that before buying it. Perhaps his weasel mechanic
> was having him pay extra to 'pass' the car while it really was
> passing, or the cheap new spark plugs and cheap new air filter
> (the old one was solid dirt) and two oil changes I put in
> did a lot of difference. Hmm, actually the statement
> 'the cats were gutted a long time ago to improve performance"
> makes even less sense now.

Oil changes (actually including one flushing) made the world of
difference to my Passat's emissions, too.

> Question: is there a way to adjust the fit of the driver's
> side window to the seals? I have a noisy air leak
> in the lower 6 inches of the slanted part, and all I can see
> is that the edge of the window is relatively firmly in the surrounding
> seal, but has a space between the pane surface and the (formerly)
> fuzzy seal that it's against everwhere else.

You have to get inside the door panels, slacken the carrier bolts,
and wind the window down a fraction and back up.  There's a fair bit
of slack in exactly where the glass sits.

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