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Re: snow tyres, Nokian

David Coleman wrote:
> I may have missed this in past postings: which of the Nokian tire line
> (1, 10, any other) are people using?  Snow, wet, ice, which have you
> folks with them found to be the best?  I'm guessing 10, but could use
> the voice of experience.
> Thank you,
> Coleman

My understanding is the 10's are no longer available, the 1's are their
Perhaps someone has stockpiled some 10's?

My mother's A6q and my brother's Golf both ride on a 10's during the
winter. I run 1's.
The 10's seem to be a little more aggressive, with less stability on the
turns. The 1's are much smoother I Think. Hard to compare though since
the A6q is a slushbox and my 200q isn't. Plus the cars are VERY
different animals. 

Either tire would be great though, amazing traction even for the Golf.

Story time:

Before we ran snows on the golf, it had a very hard time climbing my
parents' driveway (~800ft long, straight, paved, steep uphill).

A few times I had friends get of the car and sit on the front fenders
(with feet held away from tires) to climb the driveway.

With the Hak 10's, the little golf is like a Billy Goat. Floor it, the
tires spin for an instant and then the car rockets up the driveway.

I can't get either Quattros to lose traction on the driveway anymore.


Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (down but not out)
85 Mr2 77K
91 Golf (temp)