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S6 Chip and Boost Upgrade

I have had my 95 S6 for five months and have loved it since day one.  My
previous ride was a moderately modified 1991 Jetta GLI 16V a blast to
drive.  Although I realize that the 227hp in the S6 have a lot more weight
to pull, I felt the car needs more power.  I spent five months doing
projects around the house to get on my wife's good side, and finally
succeeded in convincing her to let me spend some money on the Audi.  After
talking to Hoppen and Tap, I really did not know which to chose.  I was
ready to order the Hoppen Chip +1 upgrade, when I was told I needed to wait
a week, they were out of stock.  Childish or not, I couldn't wait.  I was
too excited, and afraid my wife would change her mind.  Anyway, the modifed
computer, wastegate spring and lower intercooler hose arrived at 10 am.  I
am in the office daydreaming.  I cannot wait to get home (with my wife's
Jetta GLX), pop in the box and exercise my calves.  I'll report back
tomorrow.  Has anyone installed the spring, or is this a mechanic's only
project?  I don't have a boost gauge.

Steafn Richter
95 S6
96 Jetta GLX