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Re: replacing rear brk cyl --4ks

> I was bleeding the brakes last weekend. One of the bleeders froze to the
> threads, so I snapped it while trying to unscrew. So, I guess I just need
> to replace the cylinder.  The problem is that when I tried to disconnect
> the hydraulic line it would rotate together with the nut. I sprayed wd-40
> on it, but after an hour it didn't make any difference. The car drives,
> because the bleeder is still sealed, but I would definitely like to get
> that done before I go on a trip Sunday.
> Question --- is there any trick to keep the line from rotating while
> undoing the nut that holds it in the cylinder or should I just scrape it
> and replace the line as well?

At that point, just undo the bolts holding the cylinder and spin it off
the end of the frozen line.  Since I'm about to rebuild my rears
(again...), and have SS lines on the way, I picked up a new 17" hard
line since I know they will be in poor shape (from my previous
twisting!).  These drum brakes are so-o-o cheap it's not funny.  BTW,
try to slobber never-seize all over the bleeder, maybe it will work one
more time someday..


Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands