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Ventillation system vacuum solenoids

Thought I'd take the time to share some experience with the group.

The vacuum solenoids are nonfunctional in my 86 5ks.  I've read all about
the obvious fix which
is to desolder them from the circuit board and replace them with some out
of a late 80's, early 90's
H-body GM climate control box and then to install a plastic fuel filter/oil
trap in the vacuum line.
I also read one list members account of sucessfully degunking his solenoids
with electronics cleaner.
Well,  I disassembled the whole business last night and pumped about a half
of a can of CRC electronics cleaner
through the solenoids to clean the oil out of them.

Put it all together and they still don't work.  Oh well.  Evidently, once
the rubber goods swell up inside the solenoid they are
done for and can't be cleaned up.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Phase 2 will be to find a junk GM for replacements (which was the consensus
all along).