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Re: Skis...Skiing together Audi Style

Hairy green toads from Mars made Harry R Glesner III say:

> Gang:
>    My goodness I see were in one up mode:
>    >see your Dynastar's (as I pass them) and raise them my 210 Dynamic
>    >VR27's. 
>    If any one once to come out to Winter Park and scare yourself/or/get 
> your ticket yanked I've got some K2 910 (yes the downhills) in a 225, with 
> Tyrolia bindings on them, they scare the hell out of me, I've been on sofas 
> that turn faster.
>    That does bring up a thought, any one want to do a Winter Park Q day, 
> the area has about anything ya want...and some of the best pizza on the 
> planet.
> Now all we need is snow, some Audis, and you, including wifes kids et al.

I'll be out that way skiing the first week in March.....


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