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Re: Timing belt replacement on a V8

 "Jim Dhillon" <jdhillon@cibc.onramp.ca> writes:

>Has anyone done a timing belt replacement on a Audi V8? Procedures???

 Yes, I have.  #1, you absolutely, positively need the factory manual to
 get the procedure.  There is a small mistake in the factory manual as
 to procedure,  in the sequence of work.  This topic has been well 
 discussed  here on the list, but the archive search engine 
 being what it is....

  You'll need to beg, borrow or steal some special tools to do the job.
  I borrowed the tools from a friend that works at a dealer, or should I 
  say he borrowed them for me.  While there you should change the
  water pump, rollers, bolts and just about anything else you can think
  of.  It's a PITA, and the last thing you want is to have to go back and

  do the whole thing over again to change the water pump, a roller etc. 
  that might be ready to fail.

  I bought all the parts (except the few dealer-only items) from
  Auto Brokers, at least half off dealer discounted price.  If you have
  your teeth on other Audi's, and a Porsche or two it's no big deal, 
  a common sense approach to the job and follow the instructions 
  to the letter.  Be prepared to be sans V8Q for a while should you 
  encounter a part you thought you wound'nt need for  the job, BTDT, 
  don't ask, check the archives, I've blocked the experience from my
memory. ;)

  Should you decide not to do it yourself, DON'T take the car somewhere
  they don't have experience with V8Q's.  You don't want them learning
  on your car.  A lister or two have had belts break, cams slip and
  way off after having their timing belts changed by mechanics who 
  didn't really know what they were doing.   

  Aside from the wait for an "unexpected" part, I didn't mind doing the 
  job.  Gave me a whole new appreciation on how well the V8Q is put
  together, and how well thought out the details are.  The Audi gods 
  are in the details I guess.      


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