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Re: m5 competition is ??

I had a nice little chat with Gustav about his flame and about things in
general.... below is the letter he wrote back to me.... Hey dave, is it true
about the RS2?
Later Joe

>I have to just clear some clouds regarding BMW.

>The BMW M5 had itīs debut in 1985 with 286 HP, obviously faster
>and more sportier than a Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro. To anwer your
>question if Iīve ever driven a M5;  Iīve driven the 315 HP M5, the
>340 HP M5, the 321 HP M3 Coupe and convertible and will drive
>the new M5 this year.
>Also, regarding the S2 and S4 they arenīt  even comparable with
>M3 and M5. While the the RS2 indeed is a nice car, itīs almost
>undrivable because itīs large turbo lag. The RS2 is the best
>example of an undrivable Audi car. Try to go from A to B in city
>traffic with the RS2!

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From: Eaton Dave <dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz>
To: <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Thursday, October 01, 1998 3:37 PM
Subject: RE: m5 competition is ??

>bmw has (as usual) chosen to "pre-announce" the m5.  so most people think
>that it is available already.
>it isn't.
>when it is, or shortly thereafter there will be at least one other "sports
>saloons" worthy of consideration.
>the tt audi s6.  400hp with a tt 4.2l v8.  and, if rumours are correct,
>a multiple haldex lsc quattro arrangement....
>can you say torque?
>btw, the s4 is designed to compete with the m3.  the s6 with the m5, and
>s8 with the ???.
>'95 rs2
>'90 ur-q
>> ------------------------------
>> Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 09:44:44 -0600
>> From: "Lawson, Dave" <dlawson@ball.com>
>> Subject: Re: Bimmer boy crashes the guestbook at Audi-S-Cars
>> > of a BMW M5. Simply adding some turbochargers and an
>> >  S canīt make it. Sorry to say, but no Audi could even be close in
>> > of performance than the new 1998 BMW M5 with
>> >  400 HP."
>> Wether you are a bmw fan or not, you have to respect that 400hp
>> number when discussing engines. That is the same output as
>> the porsche 911 twin turbo. And the latest scoop on the S4 is
>> 265hp from its bi-turbo V6 configuration. Say Audi bumps it to
>> 300hp, the M5 will have a 33% peak power advantage and that
>> is considerable.