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Re: which audis use Pentosin?

In message <> Andrei Kogan writes:

> Sorry for a dumb question,

There's no such thing as a dumb question - we're _all_ ignorant about
_something_.  In my case, baseball comes to mind.  Right after 'life'.

> Do all Audis use pentosin in their hydraulic systems, or only type 44 ?
> (5k,100,200). What about 80/90?

Technically, _NONE_ of them should use Pentosin.  They should all use G
002 000.  This is Audi's own fluid.  At first, on the early Type 44 and
Type 85 cars, it had a red cap and Pentosin 7.1 was an acceptable
substitute.  When the later Type 44 and Type 85 cars came out (easiest
identifier is _three_ hoses to the pump instead of _two_) Audi changed
the formulation of G 002 000 (and fitted a green cap).  For this
formulation, Pentosin 11s is an acceptable subsitute.

Now - pay attention.  Apart from the possibility of old stock lying
about, G 002 000 can be used in _either_ system - just as Pentosin 11s
can.  Backwards compatibility.  The opposite is _not_ true - old
stock (more than ten years now, so not a problem) of G 002 000 _or_
Pentosin 7.1 can only be used in the older (two hoses to the pump)

> Also, Which ones have the bomb? I understand that all turbo cars do. Is
> that correct? What about the others?

All Type 44s and Type 85s.  The type fitted to the tandem pump (three
hoses to the pump) system is different - it has various valves
integrated so they're swapped out with the bomb.  On the earlier
system, the bomb and its valves are separate units.

> I am curious because several people mentioned to  me  the weakness of the
> hydraulic system  in  a 5000t as a reason to avoid buying this car with
> high miles. Assuming this is true, and the hydraulics in 5kt is more likely
> to fail then say in a 4k: do you think this is simply because people mix in
> an ordinary power steering fluid instead of Pentosin?

That's part of it.  The tandem system seems to need component renewal
at around 160k miles.

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