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You don't get many ...

I left the Robin Hood this evening after the Area K meeting, and drove
north to the road that leads towards Stowe School, turning right before
the entrance and taking the road that passes the main entrance of
Silverstone, where the British Grand Prix is held.

Strange, passing it in the dead of night in October at 90+ mph to
think of the nose-to-tail crawling pace you can just manage in July.

Nice run.  Several miles of dry, sweeping country roads by moonlight
(and a few watts of halogen).  The car is just about sorted now, with
the rebuilt metering head and a few other adjustments.

What made the trip special was the fact that I was following _TWO_
other MB quattros.  I don't know how often three MB ur-quattros follow
each other in tight formation at speed on back roads - once every few
years?  Steve Evans (q-lister) led the way in his (Zermatt Silver?)
car - Roger Galvin came second in his new Pearlescent White, and I
made up the rearguard.

It didn't last long - but it was sheer delight.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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