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LAST call; Adirondack Run

This is the last call for the Adirondack Run. (Oct 3rd).
I'm assuming everyone has the information they need. 

If someone is worried about making it by 10:00, please drop me a line so
we can wait for you.

Not everyone at APG knows about the event. Leave a message with Greg if
you can't reach me.

If anyone has any final questions, e-mail or better call me:

(518) 452-7862.

I will buy some doughnuts for the morning. Bring your own Coffee.
There is a Dunkin Doughnuts on route to APG. It is on the right side of
Rt. 5 (west), across from the second Mobil Station you will pass.

Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (down but not out)
85 Mr2 77K
91 Golf (temp)