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Re: quattro-digest V4 #2840

Okay guys/gals,

Thanks so much to those that responded to my questions regarding the '84
4000 S.  The timing belt is being done at Music City P&A (Porsche & Audi)
for $150.

The only other thing bothering me about the car is the blower motor control
knob selector (does anybody understand that???, I'm sure there's a better
way to put that.)  You know, the knob you turn to get air to come out of the
vents at an increasingly faster rate.

Well, the problem with it is that when switched to it's highest setting (fan
speed 4) it gets stuck.  I was warned of this by the PO but like a kid had
to check it myself figuring if he can "unstick" it I can.  Uh, I can't.
Does anybody have any experience with this?  I've pulled the fuse for the
time being.  Sooner or later though I'm going to want to have more airflow.

Please help,

Brian  (Thanks again!)