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Marque Mania (longish)

While I greatly enjoyed Christian's BMW/Audi/Caddy joke, I am always
amused when someone mentions another marque and the pot shots start
flying:  "BMW's suck;"  "Mercedes stink;" "Porsche drivers are
assholes," "Corvettes reek," and so forth.  To be fair, I have no
doubt that if I went to a BMW or Mercedes or Porsche list, I'd read
the same thing about "those crappy Audis."  I'd respectfully suggest
that these generalizations are a bit broad.  If I had Bill Gates bank
account (and garage), I would own several BMWs (M3, M5 and the new M
coupe); a brace of Benzes (a couple of AMGs); a pack of Porsches (love
those RUF turbos) and a Lingenfelter or Mallett C5 Vette.  Jeez, I
forgot to mention those Italian junk Ferraris (an F40 and a 550
Maranello please).  I'd also have a new S4, a 1995 S6 Avant, an S8, a
TT, an RS2 Avant and, of course, a Sport Ur-Q.  Unfortunately, my name
is Johnson, not Gates, and since this family can only afford two
vehicles, I choose to drive a Quattro, because IMHO (and that all any
of this really is, mere opinion) my '91 200TQA offers the best bang
for me and my limited bucks.

Can we all love Audis and also appreciate that one or two other
manufactuers may have an idea of how to build a few nice cars?  BTW, I
just bought five raffle tickets for a '67 Pontiac Tri-pack GTO.  It's
not an Audi, but if I win, I'll be smiling 'cause when the fun wears
off, I'll sell it and use the cash to ceate another dragon wagon....
Just my five cents.....