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Need 56 5Ktqw Distributor

Had my 5ktqw in the shop for a checkup and to have the mechanic rebuild
the distributor (he has a supply of the bearings which it seems are hard
to get these days).  Anyhow he got a used replacement just in case,
because he warned me that the roll pin in the gear was hard to get

Anyhow he couldn't get the roll pin out, but when he went to put the
used spare in, the yard had sent him the wrong model.  He then went to
put the original one back in, but it no longer would make a spark (we
assume the hall sensor died in the pounding to try and get the roll pin
out).  Any Murphy at work, the local yard doesn't seem to have the right

So, does anyone out there have a good used distributor for an 86 5ktqw,
or how about a good source for a new/rebuilt one.  We've got to get this
quickly, because the car is now blocking the mechanic's lift...