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Re: 88 for 89 TQW seat swap

Robert D Greene wrote:
> I am trying to swap an 89 200 sport seat (leather bolsters, fabric
> inset, no heater) for my 88TQW seat. The mechanical fit is fine, but the
> electric's won't read the signal from the 88. How to swap electrics so
> that the wiring will coordinate? Does the  the "Box" under the seat
> contain the info required,

Yes, that's the seat brain.

> and will this make it work witht he 88
> switches? I'd rather keep the seats intact, but pulling the upholstery
> off the 89 and transferring to the 88 would be a last resort. Also, the
> 89 does not have a heating element, can this be retrofitted? 


Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros