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Re: which audis use Pentosin?

In message <199810020105.SAA22231@gonzo.wolfenet.com> Orin Eman writes:

> > However - there is a 1 litre can of G 002 000 on the table next to my
> > keyboard that came from my local Audi dealer only a week or so ago - it
> > has a green cap.
> Oh no.  Sounds like we have a major source of US/UK confusion here.
> Useless fact, the Pentosin can has a BMW part number on the side,
> actually written: BMW - Teile - Nr.: 81 22 9 407 549.

Mine has no markings other than Audi's.  Underneath the large "G 002 000"
designation there's a smaller "G 002 000 NP".  No indication of the true
manufacturer.  Cap's still green.  Wish I had a webcam.

 Phil Payne
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