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Stupid Speeder Tricks (was: Some humor)

1987, 2 16 yr old punks (me and pal), 1974 Super Beetle, 40mph Camaro in a 40
zone... and a white Caprice.
The 2 lane merged into one- and I pass a Camaro @ 60mph. I Win!
Within 2 seconds, I'm pulled over by an officer in an unmarked car.

John Law: "Son, Why were you going so fast?"

Me, the punk: "I wanted to pass that Camaro."

JL: "Why would you want to do that?"

M,tp: (Not really thinkin') "Because it was there?"

He takes my info- returns about 5 minutes later and gives me a warning.
WHEW! My pal thought I was headed fer the pokey!

Jason Palmer
97 a4 1.8Tq mtm loaded with 4 race wheels/tires ready for the track!!
88 GTI (2x the HP of a 74 SBeetle)

<mlindner@netquest.com> said:
> Reminds me of getting pulled over about 10 years ago.