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Re: Mobil 1 & Semi-Synth

Todd Phenneger wrote:

> Has anybody tried Castrols new  Semi-Synthetic oil.
>         It is about $2.25 a quart or so and is apperently 1/2 synthetic
> and 1/2 dino oil.  Seems a little odd to me.  Maybe a hoax but it is a
> well known company.  Maybe it would protect better than dino fluid without
> the leak problem associated with putting it in an older motor?
>         Sorry to throw another egg in the basket but I am curious as I am
> about ready to change the oil on 2 new (used) audi 4kq's with about
> 180,000 miles on them that have been run with Dino fluid their whole life.
> Thanks

When I bought my '93 90S, I had no idea what kind of oil the PO had run, so
on the first change I threw in some Havoline 10W30, I used it for years in my
truck (that's what the engine rebuilder used) and had no problems. Then for
the second change I knew I would be driving around 2000 miles in 4 days on a
trip to Cleveland, so I went with Quaker State 4X4 Semi-synth. I haven't
experienced any oil leaks that I can tell (sort-of hard with the V6, not much
room to look around) and after 3000 miles, it only used maybe a fourth of a
quart. I used to run semi-synth oil in the truck during the winter. Here in
Minnesota, some nights can get down to 30-40 degrees Farenheit BELOW zero, it
made starting the truck much easier.

I know some people have ripped on semi-synth oil, but I think it's a fair
trade off between the cost and lube features when comparing regular dino oil
to full synth.

One change I will make on my next oil change, I'm going to switch to the
Mobil 1 oil filter. It costs $10 around here, but that is still less than a
OEM Audi filter. I looked at one last night, the casing is a lot thicker than
any other I've come across and there appears to be an anti-drain-back valve
in it. I believe that is a standard on all Audi filters, especially for the
turbo motors. The advertised added filter medium is a big plus too.

For you guys/gals in the USA, I found the Mobil 1 oil filters at Kmart, funny
thing is, I found the best prices on oil at WalMart, so I have to go to two
differnent stores to get my supplies.

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