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Re: Dealer blues

Mr. Daniel P. Grady wrote:

> I guess my point is, the dealer blows! Find a good independent and don't
> abuse free services.
> Drive fast!
> -Dan!!!

Very good advice! I used to work for a small garage, and I still stop and chat
with the owner occasionally, just to stay on good terms. He knows that I will
do most of the work on my cars (finacee's Protege, my Audi), but when there's
something I don't want to tackle, I usually use him. Case in point, my fiancee
just bought new wheels for her Protege, we upgraded to a Plus 1 tire with her
323 and then kept the tires, had to buy new wheels for the Protege as they
changed the bolt pattern from 4X4&1/2" to 4X100mm. Anyway, we bought the rims
at Sears and had them mount them, then took the car to my old employer and had
him do the 4 wheel alignment, as I know the guy that does alignments, and he's
more anal than I am.

BTW, if anyone needs some steel 14" rims with the 4X4&1/2" bolt pattern, let me
know. They have hub caps with them. We paid $25 a piece plus hubcaps, will sell
for $40 for all, you pay shipping. Will fit late 80's Mazda 323 and 626.

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