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85 4ksq Headlight Bulbs

Hi all!  Anyone know what the highest wattage bulb that can "safely" be used
in an 85 4ksq?  I am probably going to install driving lights very soon, but
was told that you can get brighter bulbs.
I remember seeing posts about euro-bulbs burning up the lighting system when
used un-modified on these cars.  The guy at the local foreign parts store
said he can get bulbs w/ a varied wattage range for my car?  I'm currently
using the extra-bright store bought halogen bulbs and I can't see a damn
thing when using the low beams.  I've tried adjusting them every which way
to no avail.  They are just too dim compared to every other car out there- I
even pulled up to a Chevette the other night and his lights were at least
twice as bright!
Anyway, any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thomas Turse
85 4ksq
Boulder, CO