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S6 Chip and Boost Upgrade

Thank you to those who responded to my posting.  Although some were glowing
reviews  of the TAP chip set up, most were negative, and some outright hate
mail.  A little insecure about the wisdom of my choice, I nonetheless
proceeded.  It took me half an hour to get the carpet positioned so I could
put the cover back on.  The car started right up and idled as before. 
After a ten minute trip through the neighborhood to let engine warm up I
searched out the nearest stretch of empty road.  The car performed really
well.  It is much stronger than before.  The power comes on at 2500 and
remains fairly linear until 4800 when it begins to drop a little.  I can't
confirm the advertised 65hp increase (without wastegate spring), but the
car feels much better.  Throttle response is also quicker.  The TAP chip
didn't transform my S6 into a spectacular race car, but seems to make good
use of the car's potential.  Although I have nothing to compare it to, so
far I am very pleased.  I think I will forego the wastegate spring.  The
way the car runs now leaves me fairly confident that the engine and turbo
will hold up well.

Stefan Richter
95 S6
96 Jetta GLX