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Re: Mobil 1

While I was waiting last night in the car, I decided to read the owners manual.
Very interesting. Audi recommends oil up to 60 weight (10w-60??? - Where do you
get that?) viscosity in the '98 2.8L V-6. Plus they specifically warn against
using any oil with a viscosity less than 30 weight at temperatures greater than
60F (15C) for sustained highway (high speed) driving. That means that 5w-30,
10w-30 and 0w-30 are OUT for summer usage and cruising the interstates. I've
never heard of a multi-grade oil over 50 weight. Castrol Syntec (5w-50) should
be the one of choice for year round usage, IMHO, after reading the manual.
Synthetic oil is also approved for usage in the 2.8l V-6.

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