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Re: Wierd fuel problem, please help

Michael Williams wrote:
> Ok, this is new.  The car got about 5 mpg on this tank of gas.  Every
> time i come to a stop i smell gas, this isnt new, but it is substantially
> worse this time.  There is NO smell of gas in the trunk, only at the rear
> right side quarter panel.  I felt underneath, and it apppears that gas is
> continually dripping from the overflow line...I would say this is ok, if
> it were just filled, but the gas guage reads less than 5 gallons left in
> the tank, and only 65 miles on the trip odometer.  This is disconcerting
> to say the least.
> Does ANYONE have any idea what could be causing this wierd behavior?
> later...
> Michael Sheridan Williams
> ICQ# 11740998
> 1985 4000 S Quattro 186,000+ miles, Koni Yellows/Coilover (2B), strut
> brace, Sport 8000 Tires, K&N, MOMO 4pt harnesses, Hella XL Driving lights
> (excuse me, auxilliary low beams) (2x135w), magnecor wires....<out of
> breath>
> 1986 Oceanic Blue, 4000CS Quattro--Parting Out(ask if you want anything)
> My father's: 1986 4000 CS Quattro--Graphite 161,000 miles
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What happens when you remove gas tank cap ...is tank pressurized
??....(bad)..or under vacuum ....(correct on 5KCSTQ).