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Re: m5 competition is ??

Virtual Bob wrote:
> >I had a nice little chat with Gustav about his flame and about things in
> >general.... below is the letter he wrote back to me.... Hey dave, is it true
> >about the RS2?
> The real M5 (those with race-derived I6) was also peaky for NA motor. But
> the real M5 is dead -- BMW's now putting V8 into the new M5. Now, Euro M3
> and the butt-ugly M3 coupe are the only ones which can claim racing
> heritage from BMW.
There is some talk that in 2000 BMW will introduce a mid engine RWD
coupe using 3.6 I6 with 375 - 380hp. Also the same engine is going to be
used in the new M3, Z3 M etc. The "racy" I6 is coming back.