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90q clearing throat


There is a strange sound that our90q produces. The exaust *gurgles*. It is
not leaking, it just sounds *weird* at the tip. Seems to only be happening
at idle. Does anyone know what it is? 

Also, I notice that the buzzing noise coming from the general area of the
fuel distributor is much much louder than on our 4k. It  still cannot be
heard from inside , and may well be normal, but I wanted to confirm that
it's so. I5 10V folks, are you worried about hearing loss when looking into
the bay with the engine running?

Please bear with me, I planning to do a bunch of stuff with this car during
october --- it looks like this month will be somewhat of a break before I
start working on my thesis. I still haven't decided if I keep the car or
not, but figured I might as well bring it in shape as long as it is in my
hands. Of course, after that I probably won't sell it :)