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RE: which audis use Pentosin?

At 09:57 AM 10/2/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Good grief ... do we have to keep picking nits?!
>My 1983 QTC IS a type 85 and it DOES use Dexron ATF for hydraulic fluid.
>Bentley, the Owner's manual and the cap on the reservoir state that it is
>the correct fluid to be used.
>To anyone with a car that was manufactured in the early '80s ... at least
>those shipped to the colonies, you should be advised to read the label on
>the reservoir if you can.  If not, check the Owner's manual if available.
>As a last resort, make your decision based on the approximate color of the
>fluid that is in there ... if it looks red it is Dexron and if it looks
>green it is the Audi equivalent of Pentosin.  Yes, it is possible that if
>you use this last method of determination that there is some chance that you
>will put in the improper fluid, but it is probably already too late ...
>HTH someone
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)
>> ----------
I concur, read the label on the reservoir.  My '85 4kcsq uses Dexron ATF.
My '87 CGT with same looking everthing has a little label on the reservoir
that says mineral oil G000 002 only.


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