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Re: Brakes

Steve Frattini <s373231@gettysburg.edu> writes:

>Need some ideas about what might be wrong with my 
>brakes on my 84 5ks. 
                 <<pedal lower sometimes deletia>>

Could be several things.  Check the fluid reservoir first, the 
rubber grommets that attache the reservoir to the master 
cylinder deteriorate and leak at around this age.  I recently
changed both on the '84 5KS ($7 each at the dealer, was 
leaking too much to check around for better price). 

You may also have air in the line.  It could also be caused
by a swelling rubber brake hose, sticky caliper, even a 
bad bomb.  Most prudent thing to do would be to check
the whole hydraulic/brake system, checking the most 
obvious first. 

Good Luck,

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