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Re: Audio 5KCSTQ

Richard Haroutunian wrote:
> I can't stand my f**ng stereo anymore.. It sucks -- the thing doesn't stay
> on for 2 minutes before it flakes out an shuts off..  It's awful.. I'm not
> sure what I need to do.  I've heard that it's NOT a real good idea to put
> anything but a stock or OEM 'Audi Design' unit in -- because I could wind
> up with some SERIOUS electrical issues if I do.
>    Is this true?!?  Assuming that it is true -- has anyone popped the
> Blaupunkt OEM set in?  They have 2 at BLAU --- one's $200 the other is $270
> or something -- and them you can buy the CD changer for another $500.
> I need some advice on this one.  I have an Alpine in my 4KSQ -- and it is
> now being accused of causing some seriously annoying electrical
> deficiencies.
> Q:  Has anyone used anything else besides the Audi design or OEM cassette
> deck in?  If so, are there any limitations?
> I'd love to spend a grand on a kick-ass CD system and beef up the ol'
> 10-speaker system, but I won't if it's going to be rejected like a bad
> heart transplant!
> Any recommendations here?  I know for a fact I'm not even going to attempt
> putting the new one in..
> TIA,
> Richard
> 87 5KCS TQ
> 85 4KS Q
> 82 VW Cabriolet

I replaced my oem crap with a Kenwood in dash cd player last spring. The
most difficult part on my 89 200q was fitting the DIN chassis into the
opening. Audi had built these tiny raised grooves (ridges) that held the
oem stereo in place. Those grooves made the DIN chassis just a bit too
tight to slide the stereo in.

SO.. I had to remove the grooves(ridges). I tried several spot
techniques for this. The one that worked best was heating up a pocket
blade with a mini-blow-torch, then scrapping out the grooves. They came
out MUCH easier (but not quite like a hot knife through butter).

DO NOT apply flame to the plastic...Quite stupidly BTDT. Result: LOTS of
smoke, a little bit of flame...quickly put out by hands.

With the grooves(ridges) out, the DIN chassis was a very tight fit.
Wiring wasn't a big deal, I only wish I had the patience to hook up my
dimmer circuit to the head unit.

My cost was about #300. If you know which wire does what, then this is
not a difficult procedure. 

(P.S. I had to hook up a little electrical unit that reduces the output
of my new stereo to the factory amp. This unit (don't know what to call
it) slipped in behind the new stereo and is not visible).

I have had a problem that has exibited itself twice in two years. For
some reason the stereo refuses to turn on. When I switch the igniton on
and off, the stereo will turn on. Weird..


(Note, there may be differences between your system and mine)
Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (down but not out)
85 Mr2 77K
91 Golf (temp)