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Re: Audio 5KCSTQ

Richard Haroutunian <Richard_Haroutunian@inso.com> wrote:

>I've heard that it's NOT a real good idea to put anything but a stock or
>OEM 'Audi Design' unit in -- because I could wind up with some SERIOUS
>electrical issues if I do.

It's a legend. Audi needs to somehow sell those crappy overpriced overhiped BOZO
systems, that's all.

> I need some advice on this one.  I have an Alpine in my 4KSQ -- and it is
> now being accused of causing some seriously annoying electrical
> deficiencies.

Your wrench seriously lacks knowledge on electrical troubleshooting.

> Q:  Has anyone used anything else besides the Audi design or OEM cassette
> deck in?  If so, are there any limitations?

Yes - the thickness of one's wallet :-)

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - aftermarket HiFi:
Head Unit: Alpine radio/cassette
Equalizer: Alpine, 11 channel ("Dancing Lights")
Front Amp: Alpine, 2 channels
Rear Amp: Alpine, 4 channels (bridged)
Front Sp: Alpine, 2 way
Rear Sp: Boston Acoustic, 3 way

'98 A4TQ - still w/stock LowFi, although a full blown Alpine sys is in the
drawer, awaiting installation.