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89' 200tq Knock Sensor

I have an 89' 200tq and the engine check light has been coming on for a 
while now, and I've lost a serious amount of power. I took it to the 
dealer a few months ago and they ran diagnostics on it and found they 
were getting bad codes from the knock sensor. They torqued it and 
checked it's leads and pins, but it looks like I need a new one. I 
ordered one and took it to my mechanic and he said that it's the wrong 
type. My cars build date is 6/88. I thought that I had a single knock 
sensor engine. He gave me a diagram of an 89' with dual knock sensors. 
When I look under the hood I can't seem to find either of the sensors. I 
could be totally wrong, but it looks like there is nothing there where 
it says they are on the diagram. I was wondering if anyone can help me 
out on finding where they are located and determining what engine I 
have. I asked him if I had dual knock sensors and he said he didn't 
think so. Does anyone have the part number for these? The one that I 
have new in the box here says 0 261 231 036. Could this be the cause of 
my major power loss? Also, around the spark plug on my fifth cylinder 
there seems to be a lot of residue. I can't tell if it is oil, gas, or a 
mixture or both. It's really starting make me nervous. If anyone can 
help me I'd really appreciate it.


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