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Dinner with Bob Myers and New Clutch

     The official start to the Adirondack Run is about 11 hours off. Bob
Myers and his lovely wife Annetta came by my place and picked me up for
dinner. (My car being at the shop). Good to see ole "Mountain William"
again...and he hasn't changed a bit!

     Bob let me drive his S6 over to APG to pick up my car. I was *very*
gentle with it, but could feel the power throbbing under my left foot
like a animal ready to leap at moment's notice. Oh to have let her
loose, but it wasn't my baby to play with.... I don't know why I didn't
drive it on the Pikes Peak Audifest, but I'm glad I finally got a
chance. It was  like driving my mother's 96 A6q on Steroids. (Not
me..the car).

     So we get over to APG and find that my car is *STILL* being worked
on. They were having a small bit of difficulty. I introduced Greg (the
owner/Mechanic) to Bob and we talked cars a few minutes, but since my
car wasn't ready we decided to hold off until tommorow morning.
     So, after a illfated attempt at the Olive Garden, we found
ourselves at Applebees. I think there is something about Audi gatherings
and Applebees. More on this theory later...
     Lots of talk over dinner. From Dutch PA to Apple Butter and back
around cars again. Greasy dinner later (for me anyway), we cruised back
over to APG where I picked up my car. 
     First impressions: WOW...did they forget something? What happened
to my clutch..is it actually engaging. After a few test pumps, I think
that maybe there is a clutch in there somewhere afterall so I fire her

I engage first and BANG...almost stall as engagement is immediate from
the first movement upward on the pedal. This is going to take some
getting used to! 

I can't believe how light the clutch action is now! Simply amazing...and
as always, the Q-list consensus was correct. My t-o bearing was
completely shot (came apart in hand) and the clutch disk was worn almost
to the rivets. 

I didn't get much of a chance to really test her out, but tommorow she
will certainly get tested! I rushed home to finalize the trip plans and
see if I could make a reasonable map to copy for everyone who shows up.

P.S. Clutch Engagement does feel as light as the A4. Man, it may even be
lighter than the A4! What a difference......phew! :)
(I still think Igor jinxed me though by predicting the remaining clutch
life on my visit to Philly though) ;)
Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (better after clutch R+R).
85 Mr2 77K
91 Golf (temp)