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Re: Re: Subject: RE: After run coolent pump

It's a good one this week - multi-failure switches, 5 cyl motor mounts,
5k window regulators, tranny mounts.

The pump is $115 - think I'll get one at that price!


> Thepartsconnection.com has the pump on sale this week on their specials page.
> Chris 
> '91 200q 20vt
> (I'm holding off a bit longer on replacement)
> --------
> >Chris,
> >Start looking for a pump now. You are at the magical fatigued plastic
> >stage. 100k and 7 years. That's the lifespan from what I can tell. One
> >day soon it'll just snap. If you find a pump for less than $135, let the
> >list know.
> >Wolff
> >
> >C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
> >> What's the typical life; mine is over 100k and 7 years.