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butt-warmers(boston listers in particular)

Definately time to get the 'ol butt-warmer going.   Passenger's side works
great, but that ain't where I want the heat to be :)

I get the same behind-dash clickings when I turn on the driver's side, but
nothing happens, at all, in any part of the seat.  From what I understand,
if I'm lucky, it's a pulled-out connector, if I'm not, its a broken pad.

Can someone send me a quick thing on how to figure which part of the system
it is?

Also, any advice on a shop in the boston area that could do this.  I'm
thinking something like an upholstery shop...?  Was hoping some Boston
lister has BTDT.

91 200q20v
(with a freezing you-know-what.)

Brett Dikeman
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