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Re: '89 200 TQ woes

On Fri, 02 Oct 1998 19:39:12 -0400, you wrote:


>(2) Emergency brake not working.  This did not bother me too much as I
>    figured it's a 5-Speed and I could leave it in gear instead.
>    With the car in reverse, turned off, and parked on a hill, the car
>    moves an inch and a couple of seconds later moves another inch.
>    If left to it's own, the car would continue to inch down the hill.
>    Why/How would this be happening?  The car runs and shifts *very*
>    smoothly.  How tough is reconnecting the emergency brake?

You should reconnect/repair it immediately. Leaving the car in gear is
enough when you park on a flat surface, but in hills, the brake is
necessary. If you are really unlucky, the car could pop out of gear,
and it will "take a little drive on its own".. I don't know excatly
why the car moves a little bit, but there has to be movement
somewhere. If the hill is steep, it could be the engine turning over,
but I tend to believe that it is the clutch that is slipping.. Maybe
something in the quattro system makes this possible too..