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'99 A6 Avant

Fellow Audians;

I just spent my first hour with the basic version of my next car
- the new A6 Avant.  It's gorgeous (inside and out) and it
handles wonderfully. I think the Tiptronic was pretty neat.  My
wife, who hates clutches will like it, and I'll still be able to
change a few gears when I need to.  My only complaint is the car
needs a bit more power.  If/when you hear rumors about the new S6
Avant (either the bi-turbo 30v V6 or the V8) please let me know.

I've not been this car smitten in a long time.  How bad is it?
Well, the A6A hadn't been to prep boys for  washing yet, so I
told them to pull it around back and I'd wash it.  I drove my '91
200 TQA back there, put them side by side; and carefully washed
them both.  I'm sure the dealer thinks I'm nuts, but you never
really know all the lines of a car until you've washed it.
Besides, I  needed to see what it looked like when it was cleaned
up.  Wow, what a car!  How soon before the S6's arrive?