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Re: S6 Chip and Boost Upgrade

In message <19981003204720.12936.rocketmail@send1d.yahoomail.com> Philip Ross writes:

> ---Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> > On most occasions, the disappointment is because there's something
> > wrong with the car - most often the WOT switch.  Once this is fixed,
> 1. What is a WOT switch?

"Wide Open Throttle".  Otherwise known as a full load switch.  Tells the
ECU to forget emission controls and economy, and bloody well get on with

> 2. I recently bought an S4 from an Audi dealer which turned out to
> have a Superchip in it. This invalidated the warranty and as a result
> it had to be returned to standard at a cost of GBP3000 to them for a new
> ECU and wastegate.

They were robbed blind.  I fix things like this on MBs for pints of

> The point is I cannot detect any difference in performance after the
> Superchip has been removed except that the fuel consumption appears to
> have improved by around 3mpg on average.

Heh.  A basic health check (as I implied) is in order.

> I am left wondering if chips make any difference whatsoever.

To a sick car?  Usually not.  To a healthy one, when you understand what
the chip does, what you're trying to achieve, and the other things you
need to do?  Yes - there are people on this list who've done that.

I might also add that a "Superchips" chip (for an MB engine) has
recently undergone some scrutiny by member(s) of the QLCC.  Maybe they
will comment here, and maybe not.   Their choice.  The car in question
was one of those I alluded to; it had a defective WOT switch and other
problems.  With the Superchips chip replaced with a stock chip, the
wastegate shims thrown over a hedge (literally - at the Robin Hood
about three months ago) and a new WOT switch, the owner is grinning all
over his face.  Unless someone mentions 'chipping' ...

 Phil Payne
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