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Re: coolant

> > > Got a '87 5cstq, wanna know what the favorite anti-freeze(s) are?
> >
> > I like Sierra.  Tastes better, less hangover...
> So, did we ever bottom out on this discussion? Is Sierra and/or Prestone's
> Low Tox okay to use in our Audis?

I heard a few horror stories about Sierra back; I'll be keeping a close
eye on it's apparent quality over the next year.  If it really eats the
metals though I doubt if it would last long in the marketplace.  I think
mine was probably filthy because the used angine etc hadn't really been
flushed well.

I think it works fine.  If you're nervous, get the stuff at the dealer. 
A few bucks more for a once every year or two item is no big deal.

Huw Powell


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