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Dealer screws over Audi owner . . .

>From: Philip Ross <morphalex@yahoo.com>
>Subject: Re: S6 Chip and Boost Upgrade
>2. I recently bought an S4 from an Audi dealer which turned out to
>have a Superchip in it. This invalidated the warranty and as a result
>it had to be returned to standard at a cost of 3000 to them for a new
>ECU and wastegate.
>The point is I cannot detect any difference in performance after the
>Superchip has been removed except that the fuel consumption appears to
>have improved by around 3mpg on average.
>I am left wondering if chips make any difference whatsoever.
>Philip Ross
>Philip S Ross

Philip, _I_ am left wondering if they gave you back the expen$ive parts
they claimed caused your problem. Sounds to me like they took out the
expensively chipped ECU, charged you big bucks to return your car to stock
condition, and kept and I am SURE resold the performance parts, and
pocketed the money.

Problem WAS they couldn't figure out the problem at all, so they just
changed parts (at your expense) until they found it, taking the opportunity
to keep the good stuff and charge you out the wazoo.

Chips DO work . . . if they are done correctly and honestly, they are REAL.
Remember that the stock chip is a compromise for fuel economy, smooth idle,
easy starting and low emissions. Some of us would willingly trade 3 mpg for
35 hp - MOST drivers wouldn't, so the chip is programmed to suit MOST drivers.

Among the function of the chip is spark advance at various RPMs, and
mixture control. The WOT switch is "wide open throttle" and changes some of
the parameters for maximum performance at WOT - and most of us don't drive
at WOT all the time. Altering the spark advance curve is one of the oldest
tricks in hot-rodding - you could stretch the springs in the old mechanical
advance distributors to get a more "aggressive" advance curve.

Pity firearms are illegal in Scotland - it appears highway robbery isn't.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman