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new coolant

I found this about nwe "red coolant" (maybe some know all of this thing)
A new coolant, G012 A8D A1 is being used in production as of 08.96
is RED in color.
This newly developed product permits a cooling system fill that the last
servise life of the engine and was designed with all-aluminum engine in
mind(Audi say's)
Improved corrosion protection
Improved thermal stability
Improved heat transfer/control
Improved hard water tolerance
Improved enviromental protection

*Caution: The "RED" or G 012 A8D A1 is the only coolant to be used in the
Audi A8. Use of any other coolant will result in engine damage!!! are you

*Caution: G 012 A8D A1 must NEVER be mixed with ANY other coolant. Engine
damage will result!! WHY?

Comtamination of RED coolant with other colored coolants is identifiable by
discoloration(brown, purple etc). This mixture causes a foamy deposit to
appear in the expansion tank/radiator.